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Orbital Welding Training

 is made to bring you up to the next level of expertise.

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If you just or are about to acquire an orbital welding system, there are probably a lot of questions still going through your mind such as :

  • How fast can my team and I get up to speed with this for our next project?
  • How can I make sure that we are going to use it in the most efficient manner?
  • What is our full potential with this equipment?
  • What other capabilities can it bring that we don’t know about?
  • Can we rely on our supplier’s expertise for supporting us with consulting and training?
  • How can we get qualify and know more about the industry’s codes and requirements when it comes to orbital welding?

Orbital welding training is made to bring you up to the next level of expertise.

In fact, orbital welding is used in various industries for multiple applications and is becoming more and more utilized and required as new applications and new industries are emerging. Some industries require the use of orbital welding equipment and other accessories in a specific way with strict expectations to fulfill their quality control procedure such as Semiconductor, Aerospace and Biopharmaceutical. 

Orbital welding training will make you more productive by saving you a tremendous amount of time getting on the fast lane in the learning process.

Wouldn’t it be better to know the full potential that you and your team can achieve by acquiring such a productive equipment?!

Orbital welding training may make you tackle new projects you didn’t know you could do.

We want to make sure that not only we provide our customers with the best equipment. But also, that we put them in the best conditions by offering them a range of well designed orbital welding training classes tailored to their needs and level of experience. You will study the theory, learn common industry practices, actively experiment many tricks, know the dos and don’ts. And share a passioning experience with our team of orbital welding experts.

We look forward to seeing you in our class at our or your facility for our dedicated orbital welding training.


Orbital weld training

This course is designed for beginner level welders, as well as experienced welding operators. A hands-on, comprehensive review of orbital welding and power supplies enables attendees to set up, operate, and troubleshoot welding equipment and perform critical weld quality. This in-depth course includes information regarding power supplies, weld heads, fixturing, and tube facing tools. If they wish, attendees may submit weld samples at the end of the class for testing for compliance with ASME section IX or any other weld qualification standards. Classes are customizable to meet customers’ applications and demands.

 All our instructors hold Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) and Certified Weld Educator (CWE) qualifications, and they have at least five years’ experience in orbital welding instruction.

Gain an understanding of welding principles.

Understand setup and operation of orbital welding systems.

Troubleshoot frequently encountered welding problems.

Avoid operational issues through hands-on experience.

ASME Section IX qualification if you need to fulfill QA/QC requirements

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Weld Examiner Training


The WE Training Program is structured to develop a high level of weld quality control and process coordination to support the performance of welding activities as defined in the customer welding specifications. This program is designed by our CWI/CWE SMEs to provide instruction on the following:

Welding codes and standards

Identifying weld defects and discontinuities

 Understanding and interpreting customer drawings and specifications

 Applying appropriate weld requirements


The primary goals of the WE program are to: 

Develop the knowledge of the weld examiner

 Verify that companies have a definded written practice for weld examination and a standard operating procedure defining weld acceptance criteria

Verify that companies have the ability to understand and comply with provided weld specifications and industry-defined codes/standards

Due to the complexity of performing welds that are qualified to a recognized standard, an increased level of responsibility and awareness falls upon the company’s management team/owner.

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Consulting Services

The Onsite Field Services is a customizable offering based on customers’ demands/needs. This program is designed to help our customers protect their people, weld systems and reputation from potential safety incidents or code violations. Our CWI/CWE SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are equipped to conduct weld evaluations at customers’ sites.

Developing weld schedules

Custom solution and fabrication development

Troubleshooting welding equipment and systems.

Inspecting weld systems

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