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  • Get a personalized demonstration expeditiously
  • Flexibility: participate from your PC or mobile phone
  • Our Showroom is equipped with all our product ranges and many accessories
  • Exceptional HD audio and video quality: 3 interchangeable cameras to cover multiple viewing angles
An on-board camera to see the screen of our orbital power supplies
or to follow the trainer as closely as possible.
An infrared camera to observe the welding up-close.
A 3-axis camera, HD and x12 zoom to see our trainer using the machines.
  • Secure and encrypted connection
  • Our trainer is at your service
  • Extend the scope of your appointment: Up to 15 active participants


The security of our communications and your data is of paramount importance for AXXAIR in order to discuss your projects safely.

We chose to trust Starleaf, that has obtained ISO / IEC 27001 certification, the most respected and internationally recognized information security standard. In transit and at rest data, regardless of the media used in our video calls or during meetings, is encrypted with approved, secured and up to date methods.

High quality video conferencing

Maximize productivity and optimize the decision making process with our online live demonstrations.

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Since 1997, AXXAIR has been designing, manufacturing and distributing its orbital tube working machines. Our job is based on the global tube working process: tube preparation (cutting, facing or beveling) and orbital welding. We are continuously adapting our range in order to best meet the needs of our customers.

Our teams are at your disposal to provide you with more information on our solutions. Do not hesitate to contact them to schedule a free and personalized demonstration of our machines, participating at a video conferencing is quick and easy with our Starleaf tool.

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